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Running the Orion Docker Image

Use the Orion Docker image to run a single Orion node without installing Orion.



Do not mount a volume at the (/opt/orion) path, this prevents Orion from safely launching.

In this example the required volume is mounted at the /data path.

In this example we create the password file, public/private key pairs, and Orion configuration file in the /Users/user1/Node1/Orion directory.

1. Create the Directory Structure

Create the sub-directories in the home directory.

mkdir -p Node1/Orion

2. Create Password File

Create a file containing the password used to encrypt the key pair.

Specify the password when generating the keys, the file is specified for the passwords property in the configuration file.

3. Generate Keys

Generate the public/private key pairs for the Orion node using Docker:

docker run -i --rm --mount type=bind,source=/Users/user1/Node1/Orion,target=/data pegasyseng/orion:latest -g /data/testKey

At the prompt, enter the password to encrypt the key pair.

The public/private key pair is generated and the keys saved in the and nodeKey.key files. The files are generated in the /Users/user1/Node1/Orion directory.

4. Create a Configuration File

Create a file called orion.conf and add the following properties:

nodeurl = ""
nodeport = 8080
nodenetworkinterface = ""
clienturl = ""
clientport = 8888
clientnetworkinterface = ""
publickeys = ["/data/"]
privatekeys = ["/data/nodeKey.key"]
passwords = "/data/passwordFile"
workdir = "/data"
tls = "off"
  • The file locations specified in orion.conf is relative the mounted path (/data).
  • nodeurl and clienturl is set to the host IP address, not the Docker container's internal IP address.
  • clientnetworkinterface is set to listen on all available network interfaces (

5. Start Orion

To start the Orion node:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 8888:8888 --mount type=bind,source=/Users/user1/Node1/Orion,target=/data pegasyseng/orion:latest /data/orion.conf